Training Capsules by Julien Bayle Studio


A new online way for learning and work

A Training Capsule represents 3 hours and a half, i.e half a day, with Ableton Certified Trainer & artist Julien Bayle, while you decide properly what you want to do & learn. It could be a proper course, but also a consultancy session or even a feasibility study for your own projects, guided by Julien.

Training Capsules are a new way of learning directly and live with Julien Bayle.
That’s the cheapest and most flexible solution for learning following your inner rhythm, without moving at all & live with an internationally renowned artist and certified trainer.

Contact us by sending your complete information and what kind of training you want to do and we will advice you the rightest number of Capsules you’d need for achieve your training project :

Vous pouvez aussi acquérir directement des capsule de formation et nous contacter ensuite pour planifier leur déroulement dans le temps.


Contact us now with informations about your session project by using the form below.
We’ll do our best to answer you on next 3 days by proposing you the best matching number of Capsules.


Then, we will have appointment online and we will use our solution for connecting and working online together.


I'm outside of France ! Can I order Capsules ?

OBVIOUSLY you can.

This proposition has been created for this particular purpose at first because Julien Bayle is always solicited by people far from France.

Can I spread my Capsule on my agenda ?

YOU are the one who choose your own work rhythm by proposing us your best fitting days and your work day schedule (morning or afternoon)

It is also possible to plan 2 Capsules the same day. It is a whole day of 7 hours online, then.

Could I order only one, just for giving a try ?

Obviously, you can.

Then, if it is efficient enough for you, you can progressively buy more.

Keep in mind that if you buy 9 Capsules, the 10th is FREE.

Is there a proper déroulé / program ?

Even if we are providing proper training with specific and static déroulé about frameworks like Ableton Live 10 Suite, Max MSP, Max for Live and Arduino, the déroulé is totally flexible : indeed, we can decide about it together depending on what you’d like to do. For instance, if you want to do a bit of Ableton Live 10 related to Grooves and specifically Operator FM Synth AND learn a bit about how to connect it to Jitter for driving audio-reactive visuals, that’s possible.

That’s not only a course, that’s guidance and individual support especially for you.

Could I attend a proper course on-site too ?

SURE. That is occurring in our studio in Marseille, France.

Please visit this page in that case.