We can study your project, code / patch and deliver specific advices, schematics and applications.

Our expertise is based on open-source and proprietary framework able to process and generate content in real-time.

We master specific frameworks like :
Max 7 (formerly Max MSP)
Arduino & Raspberry PI

We know how to remote control LEDS, lights and motor systems using wires, wireless networks or even Internet.

You want to design specific audio-visual installations or some basic systems for generating sound or visuals content,

We can make feasibility studies for designing a proper software & hardware architecture.

You need to speak with experts mastering digital content generation system,

we know how to process and generate digital content from sound to visuals for you and deliver proper and specific applications directly implementing your ideas into art piece, design work or anything like mobile systems with user interactions.

Using basic computers, we can implement solution for audio signal processing.

For instance, with a basic computer and a microphone, we can record the sound in a space and represents it by generating visuals using a video-projector & changing a whole wall filled by colored LEDS.

We used to design our DSP code using Max 7 framework and gen~ system and we are exporting our code into VSTs or AU plugins but also into mobile applications.

We often have specific demands on coding interface between your very own sensors and MIDI standard world. We can do that for you specifically, too.