We constantly seek to update our knowledge and experience related to technology and how to implement it for art & design purposes.

All of us have both scientific & art background and experiences.
Yes we are able to read scientific publications for building state-of-art & optimized tools implementing sound analysis, computer vision, interaction & distributed calculation.



We used to partner with scientific research labs like Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique CNRS Marseille for advanced questions related to:
– Algorithmic
– Acoustic & Psycho-acoustic
– Programming optimization
– Interactions


Electronic Cities / Visuals generative art project by Julien Bayle / Designed with Processing framework and Max 7


FRGMENTS is based on 4K video portraits shot systematically with same lighting and movement conditions. Its core, based on Max 7 framework specifically coded program, uses highly-advanced techniques for supporting a new expressive and generative aesthetic pushing the artist beyond its cold borders’ of abstractions.