/ A new way of learning online
/ 210 min of teaching + consultancy

All informations you need are here

/ BUY 9 and GET 10 !



CAPSULE is your new way of learning
CAPSULE is made specifically for your needs.

One CAPSULE means 210 minutes, i.e 3 hours & 30 minutes with Julien Bayle during which you can plan whatever you need. It could be pure teaching, coding your patch for starting your project well, both and more.

It is more than course, it is a true meeting and guidance, consultancy and work w/ us.


Frameworks covered are
Ableton Live 10, Max for Live, Max 7 (Max MSP), Arduino, Openframeworks, Processing
BUT, all things in between, all related fields can be covered too.

Process is simple
– You order CAPSULE(s), you get an amount of time online w/ Julien Bayle.
– You contact us and we schedule CAPSULE(s) together

Get 10 for 9
You buy 9 capsules, you got the 10th for free !

– You want to learn Ableton Live basics but also Max for Live for a specific use ? That’s possible.
– You want to learn Max for Live Live Object Model Concepts and have a global patch architecture to do ? Julien Bayle will teach you and code it for you online !
– You need to code a small interface that analyze the sound and send OSC to your other system using RESOLUME or VDMX visual generator ? We’ll work on it together.