Max/MSP for audiovisual projects (Marseille, France, 2018/03)

Dates : 26/03/2018 -> 30/03/2018
Place : Marseille, France
Workshop leader : Julien Bayle
Pictures, Communication & Support: Fabien Dufail / Rad’ho


This workshop aims at update you with state-of-art sound & visuals productions tool Ableton Live & Max MSP. We will explore together interaction between visuals & sound. We will focus on each one’s creation  project.

Day 1 :
– Ableton Live et MaxMSP basics,
– Preparing your liveset and communicating with Max,
– Audio routing between applications

Day 2 :
– Designing a simple generative visuals system,
– Using video flow from file footages or webcam,
– 3D Rendering and shaders.

Day 3 :
– Generating and altering visuals,
– Using music & sound data flow (MIDI, OSC).

Day 4 :
– Sound analysis and descriptors extraction in real-time (frequenciy spectrum, noisiness, roughness…),
– Optimisation of routing and programming.

Day 5 :
– Final steps for preparing our A/V live performance,
– Demo & advanced questions & answers



HUGO MATTEI / Artist / Marseille, France

Hugo MATTEI AKA Organic Waves. I’m a 28 year old alien from France. Musician since the early days, I was playing violin since I was 4 years old. Involved in the free tekno scene since I was a young teenager, I first met psytrance at underground parties 10 years ago. This third-type encounter was one of my strongest artistic experience, in fact it was so delightful that it made me start to learn music production, in order to create and play my own live act. Now recruited on OVNI Records, I released a first album in 2015 and am working on the second one at this time.


This was the first time ever I took part in an open workshop, and the first time I worked with max. The basics came really fast thanks to precise and clear explanations, and after two days, I was already patching interesting things. This workshop gave me a lot of keys to better understanding the realms of advanced sound design and the software used for it ; we all got a lot of useful advice to improve our personal projects. Finally, at the end of the week I was able to use Max to explore new domains of sound synthesis. Thanks to this workshop and all the knowledge acquired, I’m now developing my own soft synths and using them in my artistic projects. This is a revolution in my workflow.
Since I’m new to the world of max/msp, I’ll be looking for other workshops to improve my skills ! Thanks Sensei Julien for all the useful knowledge I have acquired and learnt to use during this awesome, but challenging week.




QUENTIN BOURAS / Student / Grenoble, France


HANS DE WIT / Artist & Student / Antwerp, BELGIUM

Hans De Wit (Antwerp, Belgium) is a sound artist and sound designer for pictures, theater and multimedia. Characterized by field recordings and processed sound, his work always looks for balance and a sense of (non) space.

This MAX/MSP workshop gave me the right tools to develop my personal artwork. It has the perfect balance between theory and practice. In addition Julien has the capacity to transmit a rather versatile matter in a very intelligible way. Surrounded by likeminded people that encourages discussion and reflection. Great vibe!
I’m already looking forward to his future workshops.

JOAN COT ROS / Artist & Student / Barcelona, SPAIN

Born in Barcelona in 1985. Graduated in Musical Composition at University College Falmouth (incorporating Dartington College of Arts) in UK, where he researched contemporary composition and free improvisation. He combines his interest for interdisciplinary art projects (working alongside artists from many different disciplines like circus, dance, theatre, film, poetry, etc) and his own musical projects, focused on electronic and acoustic composition and production. He is also a percussionist, musical conductor and teacher.

The course was a great immersion in the world of MAX/MSP/Jitter. It was a good combination of theory and practice, where we had time to learn on the board, but also time to play around with newly introduced concepts and specially in our own projects. This was the part I enjoyed the most, working on my project and having Julien around to help me develop the project faster, and giving me ideas and feedback to improve the results. The course also helped me enter the world of Jitter, which until that point I had little to do with it. I’m sure this will not be the only time I attend the course. (PS. Also it is almost worth it just to visit Marseille.)

DIANE C DERR / Teacher & Artist / Doha, QUATAR