AUDIO REACTION / Making visuals reacting to sound

Dates : 16/07/2018 -> 20/07/2018

Place : ESMAD, Porto, Portugal

Workshop leader : Julien Bayle


Julien Bayle will teach how we can analyze and extract sound descriptors from any signals incoming and how we can use both MIDI data & sound for generating and visuals structures. Frameworks used will be based on #MaxMSP for sound analysis at least, Processing or Openframeworks can be used for visuals, if you’d prefer these. We’ll do connections between application using MIDI, #OSC and even audio signals.
– Day 1 : Max short basics focused on sound analysis and inter-applications routing
Max for live introduction for those using Ableton Live
– Day 2 : Influencing Visuals with sounds
Examples using Processing for visuals, Openframeworks and obviously Jitter in Max
– Day 3 : Generating sounds for influencing visuals
Automating things in Ableton Live and preseting with Max w/ Live performance purpose
– Day 4 : Creating autonomous processes for installations
Using random, algorithm and external noise for driving processes logics
– Day 5 : Proper students projects
Demonstration and Artist’s artwork proper patches insights (ALPHA, FRGMENTS) and discussion with students