We can both group or one-to-one individual courses.

We teamed with famous Laboratoire de Mécanique et Acoustique (LMA-CNRS) for creating the Marseille Ableton Certified Center (MACC).

We can do that in Marseille:
Individual trainings are based in Julien Bayle Studio (City Center Marseille, France)
Group courses are in MACC (LMA – Technopôle Chateau-Gombert, Marseille, France)

As Julien Bayle is officially certified by Ableton, we provide advanced Ableton Live Suite courses about sound design, sound mastering, multichannel ambisonics experiences and more programming related to Max for Live & Max 7 (formerly Max MSP)

We are also able to design specific trainings & workshops worldwide about Max 7, Ableton Live Suite, Max for Live, Processing, Arduino, Openframeworks and more.
Please contact us for any specific requests.

Ableton Live Suite 9 & 10 Courses

- Understanding all features of Ableton Live
- Mastering all devices (including new devices Wavetable etc)
- Building your own livesets specifically designed for your purposes
- Introduction to Ambisonics & multichannel
- Introduction to Max for Live

Max 7 Courses

- Understanding graphical paradigm interactive programming framework
- Sound synthesis & processing DSP design
- Video synthesis, OpenGL 3D rendering and video processsing
- User interface design & communication protocols
- Being able to evaluate projects feasability and software architecture design
- gen~ for DSP & jit.gen & jit.pix/gl.pix for shader GLSL design